Observation International Brand Guide

Brand Guide

How to refer to Observation International on the web, in print, and in other media.

Any questions? Email pr@observation.org.


  • Capitalize the site name.
  • Use the https link, without www prefix.
  • Download the correct SVG logo for the site from this page.
Correct Wrong
Waarneming.nl waarneming.nl
Waarneming.nl www.waarneming.nl
https://waarneming.nl https://www.waarneming.nl
https://waarneming.nl http://waarneming.nl

Our sites

International site

Name Observation.org
Link https://observation.org
Logo (SVG) Download

National site for The Netherlands

Name Waarneming.nl
Link https://waarneming.nl
Logo (SVG) Download

National site for Belgium (Dutch)

Name Waarnemingen.be
Link https://waarnemingen.be
Logo (SVG) Download

National site for Belgium (French)

Name Observations.be
Link https://observations.be
Logo (SVG) Download

National site for Spain

Name Observado.es
Link https://observado.es
Logo (SVG) Download

International site (alternative)

Name Observado.org
Link https://observado.org
Logo (SVG) Download

Other logos

Logo without site name

Use as icon or supporting image.
Logo (SVG) Download

Foundation logo with name

Use for Observation International Foundation.
Logo (SVG) Download

Color scheme and font

Contact: pr@observation.org.